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10in Square Bagasse Plate

Bagasse tableware range is made from the dry fibrous residue left once sugarcane has been pressed for juice. The result is an economic and sturdy selection of tableware which is more rigid in service than paper plates or bowls, can take hot, wet or oily foods, and is compostable after use. For food service, not storage.
Our stylish 10in square plate is perfect for hot or cold meals. Sturdy, stylish and good for hot or cold food. Microwave and freezer safe. Far more sturdy than paper plates, and far less carbon too.

Product Description

Product Code: VPSQ-10

Uses: Hot or cold meals.
Materials: Bagasse – recycled sugarcane
Certification: Compostable under BPI

Case count: 500
Items per pack: 50
Packs per case: 10
Product dimensions: 10in diameter

Case length (m) : 0.580
Case width (m): 0.275
Case depth (m): 0.275
CBM (m3): 0.044
2.1m pallet count: 72 cases
EAN number: 5060271923526

NW (kg) 15.000
GW (kg) 15.800
Outer packing weight (kg): 0.700
Inner packing weight (kg): 0.100
Packs weight (kg): 1.500
Min temp (°C): -15
Max temp (°C): 220


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