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Wax-Coated Burger Wrap (250 x 330mm) – Tasting Notes

Part of the Tasting Notes collection – a colourful collection of quality eco packaging to bring street food style into foodservice. An economical solution for fast food with a conscience. Wrap your burgers with our sustainably-sourced greaseproof paper! No industrial grease, just a plant-based greaseproof coating.

Product Description

Product Code: VWBRST-TN

Uses: Wrapping your burgers!
Materials: FSC-certified sustainable paper
Certification: FSC Certified

Case count: 1000
Items per pack: 1000
Packs per case: 1
Product dimensions: 250 x 330mm

Case length (m) : 0.340
Case width (m): 0.255
Case depth (m): 0.115
CBM (m3): 0.01
2.1m pallet count: 200 cases

NW (kg) 1.900
GW (kg) 2.100
Outer packing weight (kg): 0.200
Inner packing weight (kg): 0.000
Packs weight (kg): 1.900
Min temp (°C): 5
Max temp (°C): 40


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