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Bloomer Sandwich Carton

Bloomer Sandwich Carton are completely compostable. They are made from plant-based PLA.

Product Description

Product Code: VSOFA2

Class: Compostable Packaging
Material: PLA
Certification: Certified Compostable to EN13432
Barcode: 5056156901093

Case count: 250
Items per pack: 250
Packs per case: 1

Case Dimensions & Details
Length (cm): 53
Width (cm): 23
Height (cm): 17

Product Dimensions
Length (mm): 151
Width (mm): 103
Height (mm): 64

Product Weight (grams): 8
Gross Weight (per case/kg): 5

Pallet Details
No. cases per pallet: 63
No. cases per layer: 9


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