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6oz White Hot Cup

Fancy a flat white or a long black? Here’s our brand new 6oz compostable cup. Coffees are getting smaller and more intense. But who’s got a compostable lid and cup combo? We do! Many packaging manufacturers make wide-brimmed 6oz cups to fit their existing 8oz lids so as to avoid investing in a new lid. But, a wider brim makes for a shorter 6oz cup. Latte art is easier with a taller body of espresso to pour the milk into. Our beautiful 6oz white compostable cup is sleek and tapered. And it’s designed to fit our 6oz lid, the world’s first compostable 6oz lid.

Product Description

Product Code: SWPW-6

Uses: Small coffees like a long black or flat white, or hot sauces
Materials: Sustainably sourced board with a plant-based PLA lining
Certification: Compostable under Irish and EU Legislation EN13432

Case count: 1000
Items per pack: 50
Packs per case: 20
Product dimensions: 7.2cm rim diameter

Case length (m) : 37.5cm
Case width (m): 30.5cm
Case depth (m): 43cm
CBM (m3): 0.045
2.1m pallet count: 45 cases
EAN number: 05391532480008

NW (kg) 5.400
GW (kg) 5.900
Outer packing weight (kg): 0.800
Inner packing weight (kg): 0.100
Packs weight (kg): 0.370
Min temp (°C):-10
Max temp (°C): 100


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