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Medium Brown clutch 8oz/9oz cup

Clutch, sleeve, whatever you want to call it, this compostable accessory to the hot cups offers extra insulation when carrying cups filled with very hot liquids. The small fits the 8oz cups.


Product Description

Product Code: 19998

Uses: Adding extra insulation to 8oz/9oz hot cups
Materials: Corrugated Paper
Class: Compostable Packaging

Case count: 1000

Product dimensions:
Length (mm): 118
Width (mm): 50
Height (mm): 1

Case length (cm) : 31
Case width (cm): 24
Case depth (cm): 31.5

No. of cases per pallet: 75
No. of cases per layer: 15

Barcode (inner): 5391508770911
Barcode (outer): 5391508770188

PW (g) 4.600
GW (kg) 3.600


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