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32 X 30cm 1 ply Unbleached Kraft Brown Napkins – Down2Earth Logo

Our Down2Earth rectangular 1-ply napkin can be used in a dispenser and have the phrase ‘100% Recycled Paper from Down2Earth Materials’ printed on them in green vegetable ink.

Product Description

Product Code: 1P4000-D2E

Uses: Tidy eating or informal cake serving.

Materials: Unbleached Recycled Fibre
Class: Compostable Packaging
Certification: Certified Compostable to EN13432

Barcode (outer):  05391532480213

Case count: 4000
Items per pack: 250
Packs per case: 20

Product dimensions:
Length (mm): 330
Width (mm): 330
Ply: 1

Case Dimensions & Details
Length (cm): 43
Width (cm): 34
Height (cm): 51

NW (kg) 10.520
GW (kg) 12.000
Outer packing weight (kg): 1.380
Inner packing weight (kg): 0.100
Packs weight (kg): 0.438


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