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Compostable RCPLA Cutlery Kit (6.5in RCPLA knife, fork, spoon & napkin in a bio film)

The perfect accessory for any picnic! Our 6.5-inch compostable knife, fork, spoon and white napkin come in a completely compostable wrap.

Product Description

Product Code: EPS015

Uses: Meals to go.
Materials: Plant-based CPLA cutlery in a compostable wrap.
Certification: Compostable under BPI

Case count: 250
Items per pack: 250
Packs per case: 1

Case length (m) : 0.460
Case width (m): 0.385
Case depth (m): 0.240
CBM (m3): 0.043
2.1m pallet count: 54 cases

NW (kg) 3.500
GW (kg) 5.000
Outer packing weight (kg): 1.400
Inner packing weight (kg): 0.100
Packs weight (kg): 3.620
Min temp (°C): -20
Max temp (°C): 85


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