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Our new “Earthpak” cold cup range

Introducing our all-new, certified compostable “Earthpak” Cold Cups Range.


These are produced from plant-based bioplastic known as PLA, making them the most eco-friendly cold cups on the market. They are clear for visibility, with a translucent logo to highlight the colour of the contents, which is small enough to cover with your own custom-printed stickers.









Our 9oz Earthpak cold cup is the ideal eco-presentation for cold drinks and desserts like granola pots or acai bowls. They pair perfectly with our cold cup insert and flat or domed lid. I mean, how good does that granola pot look?









Our 12oz and 16oz Earthpak cold cups are made for iced coffees, milkshakes or smoothies, on those lovely sunny summer days. They fit snugly with our 96mm flat or domed lids (if you want to add cream on top) and pair nicely with our compostable green and white striped paper straws. Why not try them with our new “sippy lids”, which are designed to eliminate the need for a straw.









The 20oz cold cups are excellent for serving large milkshakes, smoothies, juices and even slushies. Pair with our compostable flat/domed lids and straw or “sippy lid” for the most sustainable slurping on the Irish market!

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