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Cobh Recycling and Composting Project




On Saturday the 26th of March, the Cork County Council began trialling a recycling and composting scheme in the beautiful harbour town of Cobh, in County Cork.


The Cork County Council have introduced a segregated bin system to encourage the correct recycling of plastic, paper, cans and food waste. The composting unit for food waste and compostable food packaging is an effort to reduce litter, particularly in the Promenade – a popular amenity for the large number of tourists that visit here.









We were very excited to collaborate with Cork County Council for this initiative. The more education on how to properly dispose of compostable packaging and the ability for consumers to identify what symbols to look out for to distinguish a compostable cup from a single-use cup, the better. The hot cups that we supply to our customers display either the seedling logo or the Cré certification which indicates that the cup is certified compostable and should be disposed of responsibly in the food waste bin.

This initiative was pioneered by Clodagh Meade, Cork City Council litter warden for the area. Clodagh has worked tirelessly to get this project off the ground and in encouraging local businesses to participate in the project by using sustainable packaging.

The project has been very well received by both residents and businesses alike and we hope that it sets an example and paves the way for similar projects across the country.

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