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Townlands Goes Green Using D2E Compostables

TownLands is an explosive multimedia gallery, where artists from every genre display and present their creations.

This year, it truly was a feast for the eyes and ears, with fantastic costumes and energetic acts. The music was eclectic, lively and uplifting, showcasing up-and-coming acts from all musical persuasions, from acoustic, to electronic, to multimedia and even cross-genre acts. The 2017 event was truly bigger and bolder than ever before!

This year, we were approached by the catering managers at Townlands, to help them reduce the waste created at the festival. Three-day events, such as Townlands, can unfortunately generate a large amount of single-use plastic waste. It’s inevitable, when you have thousands of hungry festival-goers to cater for. 

I know we may be biased here at D2E, but compostables are not only the best solution for our environment, but for event organisers too. Compostables can streamline and speed up the dreaded post-event clean-up, with food and packaging all going into the compost bin. Easy! Gaia, Head of Catering at Townlands, was very passionate about bringing the Down2Earth team on board, to create awareness amongst festival goers and catering staff alike.

The festival’s primary catering tent was full to the brim with D2E compostables, creating an entirely zero-waste space. It was brilliant to catch up with the lovely crew at Pots of Pleasure, who create the most mouth watering desserts, in Down2Earth compostable pots no less. We may have gone back for seconds!

This year, Team D2E were particularly inspired by the Village Green area at Townlands, where eco-conscious individuals created installations and spread awareness and environmental positivity. Our buddies at GIY created an amazing space, where they spoke about the best ways to start and maintain a healthy garden. 

It was our pleasure to work with Townlands 2017, we’re looking forward to connecting with them over the next number of years on their environmental strategy!

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