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Tree Planting for National Tree Week 2017!

As we all know, Down2Earth has a fantastic environmentally-friendly-ethos. Well, we like to believe we do at least!

We love to educate people on the perils of plastic packaging, and to promote the more eco-conscious usage of compostables, to all who will listen.

This year, we decided to take the eco-consciousness to a whole new level! We are constantly seeking ways to help our planet, whether it’s through our everyday work, or through external programmes such as this one. We joined forces with Cork Environmental Forum, to celebrate and give a platform to the annual National Tree Week, which ran from March 5th to 12th this year.


ESB Tree Week, organised by the Tree Council of Ireland since 1985, is a week long programme of events to celebrate trees. The event is sponsored by the ESB in association with Coillte. Cork Environmental Forum ran some brilliant workshops on Friday March 10th, at Blackrock Castle Observatory, with children from Scoil Mhachan and Nagle Community College. The children learned about the many benefits that trees provide, using microscopes to examine tree rings and creatively making decorative tree “cookies”.

Once the kids arrived back, we got stuck in. We had a fantastic few hours planting with the kids, and are looking forward to next years week-long festivities already. This’ll make some serious gardeners out of us, watch this space.

Down2Earth happily donated six beautiful fruit trees to the kids, three for each school. We chose cherry trees, apple trees and plum trees, which we’re hoping will bear some fruit for the school this coming May, fingers crossed!


It wasn’t just the kids who learned a thing or two about trees and their benefits, the Down2Earth team picked up a few new facts throughout throughout the day too. To name just a few benefits of trees; they form an oasis of shade; provide wildlife habitat; and improve air quality. Taking time to enjoy your local woods, trees, and parks has the added health benefit of taking exercise in a natural environment. So, there you have it!

You can check out all the snaps from our green-fingered morning at Scoil Mhachan and Nagle Community College in our gallery below!


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