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New Study Finds Compostables Reduce Contamination & Increase Food Scrap Diversion

The Foodservice Packaging Institute has carried out some innovative research on the impact of compostable foodservice packaging, at different stages in the process. The report brought with it some really positive stats and results. The Institute found that using compostables correctly, vastly reduces contamination and increases food-scrap diversion hugely. The Foodservice Packaging Institute’s study examined how compostable foodservice packaging impacts:

  • Composting programme participation rates
  • Food scraps diversion rates
  • Contamination of composting feedstocks and finished compost
  • Composting process, compared with traditional carbon sources

Vegware_collection_GT_family_shot_800xThe President of the Institute Lynn Dyer said “As the use of compostable packaging grows, so too should the opportunities to successfully recover those items”. She believes the growth and success of compostables brings with it many questions, and this study helps to answer those questions. So, what did the study uncover?

  • There’s a lot of ground left to cover, as the area of compostables is still such an emerging area, with endless possibilities. The main three areas to focus on and to monitor are; proper participation in composting; customer behaviour; diversion rates. Experts believe this should give a great insight into the success and effects of composting, as well as uncovering trends for the future.
  • Stats have come back to show that the use of compostable foodservice packaging can lead to an increase in food scrap diversion, as well as a reduction in contamination. Outreach, education, new infrastructure, and monitoring consumer behaviours, can increase food scrap diversion rates and reduce observed contamination rates.
  • Educating the consumer is probably the most important thing. To realise the true benefits of compostable packaging, coordinated info for the consumer is so important. Experts in compostables, manufacturers, operators, consumers, municipalities, haulers, and composters can work together on this.

PrintMuch of our daily activity here at Down2Earth is education. Aside from being a compostable foodservice packaging supplier, we are extremely eco-aware, and enjoy sharing this knowledge with interested people. We aim to speak at eco-events and spread the message of compostables far and wide and make as much of an impact as possible.

  • There’s still so much to learn, with many gaps in the research. The comparison between compostable foodservice packaging, to natural carbon sources typically used during composting is something to be studied further.

All of the stats above have been taken directly from the study carried out by The Foodservice Packaging Institute. You can read the full article here, if you’d like a little more info!

The President of the Institute finished by saying; “Information-sharing and education among manufacturers, foodservice operators, consumers, municipalities, haulers, and composters are critical to our collective success.” And we couldn’t agree more!

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