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All Aboard for Body & Soul

Who’s going to Body & Soul?

For those who are making their way there this weekend, three glorious days await you. Three days of arty, musicy and outside-the-boxy goodness where crowds will gather to celebrate and explore life, colour, shapes and magic on the grounds of Ballinlough Castle in Co. Westmeath.


And as much as Body and Soul is about music, art and all things mankind, it also celebrates food. It’s a festival that always endeavours to feed its crowds of thousands good and proper! As it mentions a little more eloquently on the official Body & Soul website:

This year, guests will find well-known festival favourites, collaborative cafes from fresh new brands and festival pop-ups by some of Ireland’s most popular independent eateries. The food line-up at Body&Soul is as good and carefully considered as the headliners, so keep an eye here for more exciting foodies!

Food on Board

food_on_board_logo_no_shapeWe are truly delighted to hear of an initiative this year that combines food and flavours with sustainability. Taking place inside the Walled Garden, Food on Board is a collective of food producers and traders from all throughout Ireland that will be serving (and re-serving) their culinary creations on handmade wooden boards, while sharing their ideas and opinions about foodservice sustainability. All food waste will be composted on site, with a Harp Renewables’ Biodigester in use and on display to compost all compostable packaging and food waste material.

We are delighted too to be able to help out with this initiative by donating our certified compostable cutlery, sheets, cold cups and bin liners amongst other products. As our products are certified compostable they will be disposed of alongside the event’s food waste in a composter to be shredded into nutrient-rich compost.

Vegware_compost_1101_hands_800 px

All food waste and compostable packaging will be composted on-site

Say Hi to the Superhero

For all those passing through the Food and Board area be sure to stop by and sample what The Rocketman has to offer. Always delicious, always amazing and with Jack Crotty being one of Cork’s compostable packaging pioneers, everyone at Down2Earth Materials is wishing him the very best of luck this weekend. We know that this event will be another huge success in the now-long list of thought-provoking sustainable initiatives involving Jack.

For all our followers heading to Body and Soul, have a great weekend, be sure to check out Food On Board (and pay attention!) and be sure to say hello to Cork’s sustainable superhero, The Rocketman.

Bye for now,


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