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Looking for a stock cup with a little class?

At Down2Earth we like to keep things fresh. We also aim to continually develop not just according to our own criteria, but also by considering the needs and desires of our customers.

That is why we are delighted to be launching a brand new product to our ever-growing range (excuse the pun), based on requests for another stock cup option.

Our brand new Certified Compostable Oyster White Cups are now available as a second stock cup option to accompany our now rather famous Compostable Brown Cups.

And here they are, pretty as a picture!!



Less is more.

Printed in a matte finish, the minimalist approach to their design lets their unique colour shine. (That rhyme was accidental!) The words ‘completely compostable’ are positioned along the bottom edge of the cup in our Down2Earth green colour, with ‘This Cup is made from plants, not oil’ positioned vertically along the side.’ We are delighted with the finish and ‘less is more’ quality of these cups, and we are certain that our customers will be too.

compostable_in_irelandAs with our brown stock cups, the Oyster Whites are available in cases of 500 and are available as in 8oz and 12oz options. As always, these cups are certified compostable in Ireland, meaning that they will fully decompose within 8-12 weeks when commercially composted.

To enquire further about using our Oyster White cups as a stock cup option just drop us a line or an email.





Bye for now!



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