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Bean There. Done That. The Dublin Coffee & Tea Festival

In Ireland it rains. Alot. All the time.

It’s something that every event or festival organisers in this little country must contend with. And it’s something that every event or festival goer in this little country must prepare to brave. It’s not ideal but as Mother Nature loves to remind us – she calls the shots, and all we can do is march on regardless. And wear a rain jacket.

7101756_origThis weekend we had the privelage to be a part of, and to be one of the sponsors of, The Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival held in the RDS. And although Mother Nature, as she does, casually decided to make it a wetter than wet occassion, thankfully spirits were the one thing that weren’t damp, as the event joyfully showcased how far the Irish Coffee and Tea industry has come over the last decade.

Our Entrepreneurial Spirit

To be a great entrepreneur you need three things – a great product/idea, a fearless passion to succeed and the gift of the gab. And being involved in this year’s event it was immediately apparent just how entrepreneuriual us Irish are, as the RDS’s Industries Hall was filled with great products, unbridled passion and, of course, lots and lots of talking!

Hello, Is It Tea You’re Looking For?


Down2Earth Packaging proudly on display at The Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival

At Down2Earth Materials, we’ve already known just how far this industry has come due to the vast array of unique food, drink and events businesses that we deal with on a day-to-day basis. This event gave us a chance to chat some of our much-loved customers, as well as meet some new ones. We are very excited to be in a position to continue our relationship with current customers, as well as being able to help some of the many start-ups that are interested in using compostable packaging as opposed to oil-based packaging for their business.

The Dublin Coffee and Tea festival had over 5,500 unique visitors throughout the three days, a fantastic achievement for an event still in its infancy. We are certain that, like the coffee and tea industry itself, it will continue to grow, evolve and fully realise its potential. We would like to congratulate all involved – both organisers and exhibitors – for making it such a great event, and for showing Mother Nature that though it may be raining, we’ll celebrate regardless.

To stay up-to-date with the Dublin Coffee and Tea Festival and to view photos from this year’s event you can visit their facebook page here.

Thanks everyone.

Bye for now,


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