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We eat with our eyes. And walking into Emer’s Kitchen, nestled in the heart of Dublin, it’s immediately evident that this quaint and rustic emporium not only acknowldeges this concept, but celebrates it. From the spectacle of wholesome, fresh foods and perfectly baked bites on display, to the warm and charming interior, Emer’s Kitchen achieves a visual authenticity that many struggle to achieve – the kind of authenticity that will always turn first-time tryers into regular returners.

emerskitchen2But not only is it a treat for the eyes, your taste buds too will thank you. It’s assortments of scones, sandwiches, salads and baked treats are wholesome, hearty and so obviously made with love. And for the now coffee-obsessed nation that we have evolved into, (he writes as he takes a big gulp of coffee), Emer’s Kitchen’s serves a smooth, rich flavour that is obviously a considered and chosen accompanyment to the heartyness of the food it serves.

At Down2Earth Materials we love indepenedents. And this establishment is a true example of why we so respect and admire these kinds of food businesses. It’s not an easy trade by any means, and if one wants to do it successfully it requires a certain spirit and tenacity to remain fresh (no pun intended), as well as an eagerness to continually serve quality food that not only entices, but excites. And if there’s one kitchen that’s doing that in Dublin – it’s most certainly Emer’s.

emerskitchen4Go there, try it, and let us know what you think. Am I right or am I right?!

Emer’s Kitchen is situated on 102 Leeson Street Lower, Dublin 2.

If you would like to follow Emer’s Kitchen on Social media, they have both a Facebook and Twitter account.

Happy Friday everyone!

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