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Breaking out the Cakes on April 22nd


You may be forgiven for thinking April 22nd is just another another random day out of the 365 that we are granted each year. But for everyone at Down2Earth Materials it’s a date that gets circled on the office calender at the beginning of each year. For April 22nd is a day when we take stock and reflect on ourselves as an eco-business – what we’re doing, how far we’ve come, and, most importantly, what we still have to do. (Sounds very deep, but it’s really just a meeting over coffee and a few Jaffa Cakes.)

EarthDayYou may be wondering why this particular date triggers such deep metitative reflection from the Down2Earth Crew. Well, this date marks a yearly worldwide celebration of ‘everything green.’ It asks us to assess our awareness, consider the consequences and evaluate our environmental actions in relation to the planet that we humbly call home. April 22nd 2015 is Earth Day.

And it’s not just any old Earth Day, for this year marks the 45th anniversary of the year-round mission to:

Broaden, diversify and activate the environmental movement worldwide, through a combination of education, public policy, and consumer campaigns. 

1 Billion Participants

Earth Day is credited with initiating the modern environmantal movement and helped to establish such ground-breaking laws as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day worldwide, all with aim of helping to improve and stablize the one thing that every single person that breathes air has in common –  planet Earth.

Earth Day activities throughout the world include:

  • Greening Schools and promoting environmental education
  • Accelerating the global green economy
  • A Billion Acts of Green
  • The Green Cities Campaign

Stats and Gold Stars

compostablepackagingSo what can we, as an eco team reflect on? Well firstly, our own eco stats for last year show that the use of our certified compostable packaging by individuals and businesses throughout Ireland resulted in:

  • 51,471.9 KGs of Carbon Saved
  • 16928.8 KGs of Virgin Pulp Saved
  • 18394.06 KGs of Potential Landfill Diversion

We are also delighted to see larger-sized businesses and companies in Ireland starting to establish a conviction to be greener by implementing the use of our compostable packaging into their canteens and other day-to-day operations. One such example of this is Airbnb who we are now very proud to call a customer. (By the way, for any of our readers who are unaware of Airbnb – I implore you to visit the Airbnb website – it will change how you see and experience the world – no really – I can personally vouch for this – Go. Now).

Down2Earth MaterialsIt’s not only large-scale companies that are beginning to adopt a similar attitude, but the many events and festivals around Ireland are also seeking greener methods of operation. We are once again thrilled to be working with Bloom in the Park and Taste of Dublin, along with many other festivals this year, by supplying our packaging that turns what would normally be a vast amount of waste on such occasions into the wonderful resource we call soil! 

And of course we cannot ever forget the small-scale businesses that utilize our packaging and products every day. For these businesses represent the back-bone and spirit of everything that Down2Earth Materials stands for. It is the market-traders, the small cafe’s, restaurants and food operaterators that initially gave us our reason for being and have helped and inspired us to work as hard as they do. The small-scale operators are a part of Down2Earth’s history and will no doubt be emblazoned in our future.

So, Happy Earth Day everyone. I’ll leave you with our favourite quote to mark the day, and if you can, do just one ‘act of green’ to celebrate the day. Your one small environmental act will be part of billions that will be happening throughout the day.

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

Now, I must go before the Jaffa Cakes are gone.

Bye for now,


To read more about Earth Day visit the Earth Day Website.

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