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Ireland has always been a proudly artistic nation. From our poets to our artists, to our musicians to our actors and everything else in between, we have carved out a reputation as a country unafraid to push artistic boundaries. In our own truly unique way, our contribution to the Arts in all its forms has been vast.

flowerAnd it seems that over the last decade or so we, as a nation, have discovered a wonderful way to celebrate and express our abundent creativity. Evidence would indicate that we have fallen in love with ‘the festival’ – and why wouldn’t we? They are, afterall, a wonderful way for us to showcase and embrace our unique style, flavour and imagination, and have a whole lot of fun in the process!

A successful event, festival or occasion, at its core, is taking an idea and moulding it into something real, physical and memorable. Transforming a concept into a unique, tangable experience, is in itself an artform. And one Irish collective who are true and authentic practitioners of this artform is the Dublin-based collective known as Queens of Neon.

Queens of Neon specialise in creative event design including alternative weddings, private parties, company launches, site specific art installations and festivals.


Queen’s of Neon’s 5 course banquet (with a menu based on wild Irish foods) at the body and Soul festival in 2010. Photograph by Andreas Pettersson.

If you have a look through Queens of Neon’s portfolio of work – one thing is visibly evident, and its something that is often responsible for separating the good from the great. And that is attention to detail. Although Queens of Neon offer a wide range of services such as creative consultations, event production, bespoke weddings, installations, visual merchandising and interior design, there is a common thread that runs throughout their work – and that is their undisputable attention to detail.

What’s so commendable about Queens of Neon’s work is the fact that they are not just about ‘the big picture,’ but are about focusing on each minute detail contained within that picture. And with clients such as Absolut, Body & Soul Festival, Failte Ireland, Jameson and Electric Picnic it is obvious that Queens of Neon truly know how to create a memorable experience!

With many amazing events and festivals on the horison for this year we have become somewhat spoilt for choice! But make sure to keep an eye on what Queen’s of Neon are up to in relation to the events and festivals happening in Ireland this year. Because one thing’s for certain, if Queen’s of Neon are at the party, it’s going to be a pretty incredible party!

You can see Queens of Neon’s work or get in touch with them by visiting

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