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GastaEating clean, healthy food used to have quite a stigma in Ireland and was associated with choosing boring, plain foods over delicious, fatty foods to keep those languishing little calorie monsters at bay.

But it seems things are slowly starting to dawn on us as a nation, and it’s about time! Thankfully we’re beginning to see that power foods don’t necessarily have to be plain foods, that nutritious food doesn’t necessarily mean nauseous food and that proper meals doesn’t have to mean puny meals. But where has this shift in public perceptions emerged from? Well, one of the main reasons our inklings towards fresh, healthy foods, I think, is down to some of our more forward-thinking and creative restaurants around Ireland who are demonstrating their flair for turning natural, safe and nutritious ingredients into meals that make the mouth water as well as any take-away chipper can do

Good N’ Healthy (N’ Yum)


One such example, and one of our finest examples of a food business making super foods sexy, is Gasta – Good N’ Healthy, located in Limerick. This quirky, colourful and inviting take-away restaurant’s growing number of regular customers is testament to the wide range of delicious, wholesome and feel-great food options it offers. With menu options such as steamed wild salmon darnes, hand-rolled Irish turkey-breast meatballs, and paprika lime chicken, eating at Gasta means eating fresh foods, focused on natural flavours that simply make you feel good! (There’s a new tag-line in here somewhere for you Gasta!)

Gasta_awardA Nod from John & Sally

And the hard work and persistence of the café’s owner, Jeff Treacy, in serving the public with such great food has not gone unnoticed, as they have recently received that much-sought after plaque within the food industry. It’s a plaque that represents the highest quality in food production and a recommendation from the ‘higher powers’ of food – John and Sally McKenna’s Food Guides.

We would like to congratulate everyone at Gasta – Good N’ Healthy for this truly well-deserved acclaim. We highly recommend that all our readers in the Limerick area to pop into Gasta to sample the new-wave in fresh, wholesome foods in a fun and friendly environment. But of course don’t just take our word for it – take Sally and John McKenna’s!!

To read and see more about Gasta, Good N’ Healthy just pop onto their Facebook Page.

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