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We are delighted to showcase a new addition to our team. It may seem like a very small small addition but for us it is something we are very proud to be able to display now on our cups.compostable_in_ireland

As our cups are certified compostable in Ireland, we are proud to have been able to develop and design our own symbol to represent this compliance with Irish waste recycling companies.

So what exactly does this symbol mean?

  1. This symbol means that the cups are certified compostable in Ireland under EN13432 standards.
  2. This symbol means that these cups can be disposed of along with food waste and will break down into compost within 8 – 12 weeks under the correct composting conditions.
  3. It means your not being green-washed (being tricked into thinking it’s a green product) – it is the real deal and helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.
  4. This symbol means that because these cups are being broken down into soil – they are not a waste, but a resource.

Hot off the Press

8oz clogo1Hot off the press are our 8oz stock cups that are now proudly carrying the ‘compostable in Ireland’ logo.

A fine addition to an already beautiful little cup!!

To all of our customers who use these cups be sure to point this logo out to your own customers. It is something to be extremely proud of and proves that your business is a ‘future thinking’ business.

Our 12oz stock cups will be the next product to get branded with this mark of excellence and will be available very soon.


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