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Down2Earth Materials wins a REPAK Award


Down2Earth Materials is recognised by REPAK for their hard work

Friday the 17th October 2014 was a proud one for the Down2Earth Crew. Not only were we invited to give a presentation of our company at this year’s REPAK Recycling Awards, but we also came away with a ‘Sustainable Packaging‘ award!! We were thrilled, honoured, humbled and ecstatic all rolled into one! 

The objectives of the REPAK awards are to promote and highlight companies committed to best practice in packaging prevention, reuse, recycling and waste management. The ‘Sustainable Packaging’ award had been recently introduced to spotlight companies that have successfully initiated sustainable packaging designs/concepts to Ireland.

‘You’re not there yet, but you’re getting there.’

iStock_000004633733MediumFor everyone at Down2Earth this is not just ‘another award.’ This award represents so much more to us. Since Southern Tapes & Packaging set up this operation in 2009 we have worked tirelessly at trying to grow this business in Ireland, while simultaneously trying to educate Irish people and businesses on why compostable packaging should be the future in Ireland. And as you know, aiming to alter one person’s behaviours is no easy task, not to mind the behaviours of an entire nation!! We deem this award as a ‘you’re not there yet, but you’re getting there!’ and I must say after all our hard work, it’s a nice feeling.

But huge congratulations and well done to ALL the D2E team.

Also, a big thank you to VEGWARE for all their help.

And now back to work so we can keep filling that trophy cabinet!!

To find out more about the brilliant work carried out by REPAK since 1997, click here

Down2Earth Materials are owned and run by Southern Tapes & Packaging.

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