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We are thrilled to hear that one of our compostable customers, Gills Traditional Fish and Chips of Cobh Co. Cork, is starting to set a trend!

photo copyKeith Sparrow, owner of Gills Fish and Chips recently took the initiative in installing an on-site composting machine. It is an insulated tumbler composter, which was funded by Cobh Tidy Towns, and since its implementation into the day-to-day operations of Keith’s business it has already proved highly beneficial in terms of savings.

Keith estimates this environmental initiative saves his business about 55% on his waste bill.

So how is he setting a trend?

Keith seems to have started a trend as three fast food outlets in Cobh, Amigos, Memos & Sorrento’s, have replaced their plastic and styrofoam packaging for compostable alternatives, as part of the ‘Greener Cobh’  initiative run by Cobh Tidy Towns.

Did you know that the average restaurant produces around 100,000 pounds of waste a year?

onionsBut not so with regards to Gills Fish and Chips, and the three local businesses that will now be joining him. Gills Fish and Chips currently collects all potato and salad waste, plus paper and shredded cardboard for the composter. All compost made goes to Cobh’s local community allotments, using the compost to grow food produce such as onions and lettuce for the business.

When Gills first opened about 60% of their waste went to landfill, but with using a food bin, composting on site, and careful recycling they have reduced that to about 5%. Keith’s initiative is proving so successful that he is planning to install a second composter next year.

Gills Stats:

composterIn the 14 months since Gills has installed the composter the stats are as follows

  •  667.65kgs of potential waste diverted from landfill
  • 1283.45kgs of carbon saved,
  •  416.21kgs of virgin material saved.

For a business such as Gills, we think what they have implemented is not only an incredibly efficient and praise-worthy initiative, but is something that we hoped would inspire other food business owners to follow suit… And we are thrilled with this news of other food businesses in Cobh joining Keith in his eco-initiative.

WE would like to congratulate everyone involved in this project, and for showing the world how one small town can make a BIG impact.

Cobh – We Salute You!

Bye for now,


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