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The Rocketman – From Market to Main Street

Going from Strength to Super-Strength

One of them most satisfying elements of being part of Down2Earth Materials is witnessing our customers’ businesses evolve from an idea into a startup, into a fully fledged enterprise. It’s what we always endeavour to do – help people turn a food dream into a business. (And you thought we were just a packaging company – shame on you!)

gallery-img-11One of the best examples of someone who we have worked with from the very beginning is Jack Crotty, AKA The Rocketman. Jack established The Rocket Man Food Co. in March of 2012 with the intention of bringing healthy, convenient food to the farmers markets of Cork. (‘Quick Food, Not Fast Food’). And it seems that he instinctively knew the recipe for success: A dash of his cooking prowess, a dollop of clever marketing initiatives and a sprinkle of his natural charm. The combination of all three saw his food business flourish, with long queues forming for his mouth-watering, hearty salads.

Welcome to the New HQ!

photo (8)We all knew in the Down2Earth office that it was only a matter of time before The Rocketman went from its humble beginnings to something much bigger. That is why I am now thrilled to be able to visit Jack at The Rocketman HQ, his own salad bar situated right in the heart of Cork City. It’s a haven for all-things-healthy-and-wholesome, with a cool and contemporary vibe that is welcoming without being patronising. It exudes the fun and uniqueness of the original Rocketman brand, but developed into something a little more ‘grown up.’

Jack has always had a strong eco-sensibility and used Down2Earth’s range of fully compostable packaging to serve his ‘super-grub.’ And even now, with his snazzy new premises we are delighted that he is carrying on this tradition, as customers take away their delicious foods in fully compostable ‘Rocketman’ tubs.

gallery-img-4Congratulations Jack, from everyone at Down2Earth Materials. We know your new premises will be a brilliant success.

And for anyone who feels that they’re  ‘just not into healthy food,’ I beseech you to check out Rocketman HQ on Princes street and try for yourself. It’s food that makes you feel good, fills you for the day and its DAMN tasty!! According to Jack it’s food that hero’s would eat, and he should know, he’s a bit of hero himself!

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