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feeding-the-5000-london-tristram-stuart-133558693000bb70d79fa2df25b63bf4b299f8db-s6-c30We are delighted to be a part of a wonderfully innovative event taking place in Cork this weekend. FEEDING THE 5000 was devised a number of years ago to highlight awareness of the global food waste scandal – More than a third of the world’s food is wasted, contributing to global warming, food price rises and hunger. Meanwhile forests are being destroyed to grow more food and nearly a billion people go hungry. Avoiding food waste is a simple and scrumptious way of contributing to the solution to these problems.

As a way of demonstrating this waste food, FEEDING THE 5000 gives away 5000 free hot lunches all made from fresh but cosmetically imperfect food that would otherwise have been wasted: wonky carrots, misshapen potatoes, and other fresh surplus produce. FT5000 demonstrates that the solution to food waste is simple and delicious, i.e. eating and enjoying food rather than throwing it away. It sounds so simple but usually the best initiatives are!

imagesThere have been many FT5000 events held internationally over the last number of year since it was founded in 2009. Host cities have included Paris, London, Bristol and Dublin, Amsterdam, Manchester and New York. With Cork to host our own event we are thrilled at Down2Earth Materials to be able to help out such a great awareness campaign. This coming Paddy’s weekend more than 5,000 people in Cork will enjoy free (yes, absolutely free!) vegetarian curry being served up on Grand Parade by volunteers.

And this event is not only about serving up free grub, as there is a fantastic line up of street entertainment for all the family, a food trail and cookery demonstrations, as well as talks on various associated topics such as growing your own vegetables, composting, gardening tips.

Speaking about the event, Dr. Colin Sage, UCC and Cork Food Policy Council Chairman says:

The ‘Feeding the 5000’ initiative aims to show how tasty and perfectly edible food is going to waste, and to change the way we think about our habits when it comes to food.

Vegware_hotcups_1003_flowers_800xThe event seems to have inspired a great sense of ‘community.’ And thankfully it has as 1 Ton of vegetables need to be prepared and prepped for the 5000 free meals!! The organisers of the event include representatives from UCC, HSE, food retail, farming, fishing, restaurant/catering, education, environmental sectors and local authorities. We are delighted to be able to supply the event with a range of our fully compostable bowl, spoons and napkins so that everything can be composted into soil once the event has been completed.

The FEEDING THE 5000 event takes place on Saturday 15th March on Grand Parade, Cork, with the Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr Catherine Clancy will serve the first diners at 1pm.

To read more about the event itself, you can visit the fantastic FT5000 website here.

I would also recommend that you have a look at the Cork Food Policy Council’s website. The Cork Food Policy Council has been formed to work towards the achievement of a fairer, healthier, more secure and sustainable food system within the City and throughout the region. The website makes for very interesting reading and you can visit it here.

Hope to see you all there. Do say hi!

Just a quick question before I go –  ‘How much food do you regularly throw out your fridge?’ Just a bit of food for thought.

Bye for now,


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