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If there’s one things about Cork pub-goers, they love a pub with character! And based on what Cork has to offer in terms of unique, character-driven bars they are unashamedly spoilt for choice! Heading out for a night in Cork city means that nightlife enthusiasts get to sample a unique range of bars that ooze atmosphere, mainly through their purposeful retainment of the heritage and roots for the building – Fancy speak for ‘Cork has a lot of cool heritage bars!’

One of the finest examples of this is a popular wine bar that has been perfectly planned and renovated so that it retains and reflects the charm of the 120 year old building’s formal function – a chemists. (Different kind of ‘potions.’)  The place is called ARTHUR MAYNE’S PHARMACY, located in the heart of Cork city.

1Arthur Mayne’s gives its customers such a unique offering in the way it is presented. Very little has been done to the ground floor of the building, why would they – it’s already superb looking. With display cases full of the unsold and dusty items and offerings of long ago, along with its mosaic-style decor, Mayne’s is a bar with countless things to inspire conversation! As well as this the installation of a state-of-the-art enomatic wine system allows its customers to sample 24 different varieties of wines without having to fork out for an entire glass or bottle of the label. A hugely popular innovation!

arthur-2Arthur Mayne’s also caters to those who are hungry by serving food all day (including breakfast) and offers a nice range of tapas including mixed meat platters, cheeses, salads, hummus and bread boards among others. With coffees and deserts also on the menu the food that this wine bar offers its customers is non-fussy and extremely satisfying. It lends itself very well to its surroundings and the relaxed, chatty atmosphere created by helpful, friendly staff, and of course the building itself.

One of the great things about Down2Earth Materials is that we get to see and hear about all the innovative ideas within the food and drinks industry in Ireland. Our customers never fail to surprise us and it is truly great to witness and be involved with passionate, innovative people with ideas and drive. For our blog readers Arthur Mayne’s is definitely a place we would advise visiting, not just for the great wine and food, but to see for yourself why we should never forget where we came from.

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