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“Without atmosphere a painting is nothing.” REMBRANDT

Cork should be very thankful to a man named Timothy Mahony, who in 1750 spied an opportunity in textiles and built a small wooden mill in Blarney, Co. Cork, near the ruins of the famous Blarney Castle. After a fire destroyed the mill in december of 1869, it was reopened the following year with two extra floors. This building is what still stands today and has been woven into one of Cork’s finest treasures.

The Blarney Woolen Mills Hotel is an extremely popular destination for both residents and visitors of Cork, as it offers its guests an atmosphere and experience all unto its own. Within the rustic hotel lies the renowned Mill Restaurant. THis restaurant has it’s very own unique USP as it offers a contemporary dining experience amidst the nostalgia and charm of the old stone walls of the Blarney Mill. A perfect combination!

slide_b_restaurant_interiorIt’s large, bright and spacious farmhouse style interior allows both small and large groups to relax comfortably and savour its unique atmosphere. If I was to describe the beautiful food on offer I would call it ‘old favourites with a contemporary twist.’ There is also an obvious passion for locally produced ingredients as the dishes are bursting with freshness and flavour.


It’s difficult to aptly describe the essence of what Blarney Woolen Mills Hotel offers – it is simply something that has to be experienced for ones self. For the many visitors to Cork it is one of the most popular destinations, and it is obvious that the hotel and restaurant take this accolade very seriously as it strives to consistently offer the warmest welcomes it possible can to its guests. For our blog readers from Cork who have yet to visit this beautiful place, you are in for a treat, as you’ll realise what you’ve been missing, right at your doorstep!


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