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If there’s one thing about Cork’s most popular tourist destination, Kinsale, is that it knows how to do ‘quaint!’ This beautiful harbour town is one of those few places around Ireland that has managed to retain it’s simplistic, welcoming charm while somehow still feeling modern and contemporary. Kinsale’s unique atmosphere and style has meant that food and drink businesses of the harbour town have been handling droves of tourists for many many years, which is maybe one of the reasons why the food of Kinsale is so extraordinarily good!! The town has become a gourmet haven with its impressive range of restaurants, cafe’s and bars all serving delicious foods unique to each premises and all so effortlessly ‘quaint!’ One such cafe in Kinsale, and one we are delighted to call a Down2Earth customer is Jo’s Café.

josJo’s Cafe, situated in the heart of Kinsale, knows a thing or two about home-made baking!! Baked by Jo, this beautiful cafe offers its guests an extensive breakfast & lunch menu with a selection of crossaints and scones freshly baked each morning and served with homemade jam.  Jo’s specialities include carrot cake, lemon meringue pie, almond and raspberry slices, carmel slices, gluten free brownie, mocha slice, cheesecakes and cookies to name but a few. (Yes I’m salivating too!).

With such a beautiful café we are delighted to be able to supply Jo with fully compostable coffee cups made unique for her business! We took that uniquely rustic feel of her café and worked our magic in designing and printing fully compostable takeaway cups that would reflect this rustic charm.

And here they are!


Congratulations to Jo from everyone at the Down2Earth office and we hope that your customers  will love Jo’s Cafe’s custom printed cups as they not only look great but are printed with vegetable based inks and fully compostable!

If you are ever in Kinsale be sure to pop into this café to sample the amazing range of fresh produce on offer. And as it’s Kinsale, I’m certain you’ll be greeted with a smile!

To get in touch with Jo’s Cafe:

You can visit their website by clicking here

Or visit their facebook page by clicking here

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