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logoIt is Ireland’s largest Business Event of 2013 where CEO’s of the world’s most revolutionary companies along with thousands of marketing managers, sales manager, HR managers, professionals and more will be travelling tens of thousands of miles to be at.

Technology is changing every industry, every business and every role faster than at any other point in modern history. The Summit, taking place in Dublin on the 30th and 31st of this month is an opportunity for everyone to learn about that change first hand.

At DOWN2EARTH MATERIALS we are thrilled to be able to supply The Summit with fully compostable hot cups. And not just any compostable cups, but personalised  WEB SUMMIT coffee cups. So while people from around the world are sat listening to the experts they will be drinking their tea/coffee from an IRISH MADE Product from an Irish company!!! WE LOVE THAT!!!!! It will be a subtle reminder to the many thousand who use the cups that Ireland is still a leader when it comes to innovation.


The cups that have been designed are simple but striking. They will have a Kraft look (which immediately has an eco-feel!) with a Summit logo printed front and centre. No fluff with this design!!


If you are one of the lucky ones who managed to get a ticket have a great time, learn lots and be sure to tell all our visitors that an Irish company produced the cups for the event!!

To find out more about the Web Summit please click here

To find out more about our Custom printing Service on our fully compostable hot cups please click here.


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