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Location: 19, GEORGES QUAY, CORK



521688_696643230353178_1479626278_nIf I were to describe Cork city’s Food and Drink scene in two words it would have to be ‘Hidden Gems.’ Cork is a city that loves its inhabitants and guests to explore, to seek out and to piece together their own tapestry of favourite bars, restaurants, clubs, cafes and pubs. At Down2Earth Materials we consider ourselves very lucky to be able to provide our products to many of the city’s culinary ‘hidden gems’ and one of my own personal favourites is ‘F I L T E R Espresso and Brew Bar’ situated on George’s Quay.

64502_586687044682131_146818671_nAs soon as you walk through the door of the small but punchy premises it’s apparent that F I L T E R  isn’t just a place where coffee is sold, but a place where coffee is celebrated. From the impressive amount of single origin beans on display behind the counter to the free samples of unusual flavours from around the world; F I L T E R cafe knows exactly who it is and what it’s all about. It has a relaxed and chatty atmosphere (helped along by the knowledgable, friendly staff) that not only welcomes you, but invites you stay!

The cool grey and yellow scheme that frames the rustic interior demonstrates that the people of F I L T E R are design-conscious and realise the importance of creating a strong brand/image around a business. That is why we were delighted to be able to provide them with personalised, fully compostable, takeaway coffee cups to help push the cafe’s eco attitude, as well as the strong branding created by the owners. The cups are not the only fully compostable products and packaging that is used for this premises but you’ll just have to pop in to see for yourself!

For any coffee lovers out there who haven’t visited F I L T E R yet, I URGE you to get there and bask in the glory of a true coffee shop in every sense of the word. For those who aren’t ‘into coffee’ this might just be where you develop your taste buds for it. After all, to truly learn about something you should always be advised by an expert, and that’s exactly what you’ll get by visiting Cork’s latest ‘Hidden Gem.’

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