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Café Gusto,  3 Washington Street, Cork & Lapps Quay, Cork

Business Opening Hours: Wash St: Mon – Wed 7.45 – 5pm. Thurs – Sat 7.45 – 10pm / Lappsquay: 7.45 – 4pm mon – fri. 


phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpgI’ve always loved Washington Street in Cork. It lies just off the City’s main shopping hub, Patrick Street, but these two streets could be worlds apart. Washington Street has an effortless edge and style to it that seems to naturally ooze ‘cool,’ as it boasts the location of many of Cork’s ‘little gems’ in terms of clothes shops, galleries, pubs and restaurants.


And one of the street’s little gems in terms of Café’s is located right at the top. It’s calledphpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg8 Café Gusto and is one of ‘Corks finest.’ The beautifully ‘urban’ red & black color scheme is what you will notice first as you approach the door. The large glass exterior will give you a nice tempting glimpse of a bustling, rustic cafe that is relaxed, warm and packed with charisma.

Café Gusto has been in operation for 14 years and is renowned for its food and coffee, mainly due to the efforts of the owners, Marianne & Denis, in sourcing the very best local ingredients, producers and suppliers. Their commitment to providing visitors with the best selection of local produce ensures that the food and drinks on offer is every bit as impressive and satisfying as the atmosphere.

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg4Testament to their success, Café Gusto opened their second outlet on the Lapp’s Quay Boardwalk in 2006. Situated in front of the prestigious City Quarter office development, businesses of the area get the ‘Gusto treatment’ by being served up great coffee and food Monday to Friday.

In 2009 Cafe Gusto on Washington Street acquired a wine license & began opening up late, so three evenings a week, Thursday to Saturday, you can see firsthand how lighting can completely change an atmosphere! The bustling daytime café transforms into a cool, contemporary Tapas-style restaurant offering a menu of inspiring small plates featuring cichetti, mezzes plus Mediterranean influenced fish & meat dishes. They even let you bring your own wine if you wish! Yeah, you heard me!!

phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg2It is obvious that the owners of café gusto have an eye for detail as the café gusto-branded takeaway coffee cups lie at the heart of the delicious coffee they serve. That is why we were over-the-moon at the Down2Earth office when the owner, Marianne Delaney, decided to switch to using our fully compostable cups. Our personalized branding service for double wall cups meant that they could keep the same branding on their cups (we wouldn’t have it any other way!), but they would play a much larger environmental-friendly role in the day-today of their business.

For us, Café Gusto is a great example of a business that is proactive, rather than reactive when it comes to their environmental actions. We fully commend and admire them in the Down2Earth office for moving with the times and switching to compostable coffee cups.

If you are a regular visitor to Café Gusto, please stop by and commend them on their ‘compostable transition.’ They are a business that deserves high praise for this from their customers. If you have never visited Café Gusto I urge you to pop in and see for yourself how a café with effortless charisma is run. In fact, after writing this article, I’m gonna go experience it, yet again, for myself!

Go Gusto! And thanks to them everyone at the D2E office for being a valued customer.

To read more about Cafe Gusto:

To all our readers, have a great weekend.


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