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KC’s & Son & Sons

Business Address: Douglas Village, Cork
Business Opening Hours: 5pm – 12.30am

KC'sTo the uniformed passerby, KC’s of Douglas might seem to simply be a take away restaurant that operates out of a tiny, unassuming red cottage in the middle of the town.

But to the majority of Cork Natives, KC’s is much much more than this! KC’s of Douglas has nestled itself comfortably into the hearts of the countless hundreds that weekly frequent. It has, quite simply, become an institution; a proud tradition; a diverse powerhouse of the finest, freshest, most flavorsome fast food (Phew!)

What began as a humble fish and chips shop, an entrepreneurial initiative by Ken and Edith Crawford in 1958, has evolved into a famous fast food establishment with an extensive and impressive range of mouth-watering burgers and pittas, along with a host of other taste bud treats. KC’s is a remarkable example of how a food business can naturally grow and receive continual praise and awards, yet remain unaffected by its own hype. That is the beauty and charm of this establishment and why so many hold it close to their hearts.

The takeaway restaurant has been family-run for three generations, and uses locally sourced fish, chicken meat and breads to deliver its unique style and flavour of food.


Down2Earth Materials supplies KC’s with compostable straws, forks and napkins. Speaking about their choice to use these products, Zachary Crawford says simply:

It’s part of the KC’s ethos to use environmentally friendly products as much as possible.

The team at Down2Earth Materials are delighted to be able to supply some of our products to such a well-established, inspirational business such as KC’s.

blocks_image_5_1By the way, we have some advice for those who have never visited, and some advice for those who have!

For those who have never dined there and feel like trying it – DON’T let the long queue deter you. The staff at KC’s are as efficient as they are friendly, and before you know it a ‘Next Order Please’ will be aimed at you. And anyway, a busy restaurant means good food!

For those of you who regularly go there, IF YOU HAVEN”T YET TRIED THE KANSAS YOU HAVEN’T LIVED!!! It’s exquisitely mouth-watering, and I’m literally salivating as I’m writing this!!

I hadn’t planned it, but after writing this article I know where I’m headed this weekend!

To read more about KC’s & Son & Sons visit:

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