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At Down2Earth we want to make Compostable Food Packaging the ‘Norm’ for the future.



For foodservice, compostable packaging really is the most convenient when it comes to recycling. It does not matter if the packaging is covered with ketchup or even has half a sandwich left in it – it can all go in one bin.

Although the products are made of mixed materials, they are all completely compostable, meaning they all share the same recycling stream.


The following is a list of benefits regarding the use of our range of compostable food packaging.


  • Compostable packaging & food waste is recycled into compost here in Ireland, supporting Irish jobs versus dry recycling ending up in countries such as China (more carbon wasted), or landfills across Ireland (if contaminated).
  •  Composting food packaging is much easier to recycle than it would be to recycle conventional packaging.
  •  There is no need to clean the packaging as you would for high quality conventional recycling. All compostable products go into one bin together with the food waste, making it simple.
  •  In organics recycling, Down2Earth products turn into nutrient rich compost within 8-12 weeks. The compost can be used to grow more plants, creating a closed loop cycle.
  •  Recycling food waste and packaging together eliminates consumer confusion of which bin to use – it can all go into the same bin – even the leftover piece of sandwich.
  •  It will also reduce waste to landfill and incineration, both of which are more expensive per ton than food waste recycling.


Vegware_compost_1002_foodwasteAll of Down2Earth’s products are certified compostable.

Down2Earth is based on our commitment to developing a fully compostable product range compliant with EN13432 (European Standard) & ASTM D6400 (American Standard) and its desire to make environmentally sustainable packaging practical and economic.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more.

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