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our-customers-img-9Patricia Madden is the ‘Green Team’ Coordinator of CIT’s Tourism & Hospitality Training Facility. This department offers a variety of courses for those interested in the hospitality industry, with training being provided in a variety of ways. There is a strong focus on student centered learning, with emphasis on creative, inventive, organised and entrepreneurial approaches.

Since Patricia took up the role of ‘Green Coordinator’ 3 years ago, she, along with her green team, have established numerous, successful waste-reduction initiatives. One of these initiatives is the installation of an In Vessel Composting unit, which proves that this college is every bit as innovative as it claims to be.

Speaking about her work Patricia says:

 “We aim to fully develop our students’ understanding of eco-issues. Using compostable materials is a perfect way for us to teach our students how a ‘little goes a long way.”

Patricia and her team have been using Down2Earth’s range of compostable food disposables as part of her green initiatives for over 3 years.


And their efforts do not go unnoticed, as they have twice won the gold medal in the Green Hospitality Award, sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency.

When asked to explain simply why using compostable products are so important to to her as a ‘Green Educator.’ she states:

Compostable disposables are a great example of short term products with long term benefits.”

And the Down2Earth team fully agree with Patricia in her views regarding compostable packaging and trying to teach people to be more responsible for their actions. We are delighted to be working with Patricia, where we not only supply the compostable products but our design team has also helped out further by designing the logo for the ‘Green Team’ as well as informational bin signage and pop up banners that are now dotted around the Tourism and Hospitality Department.

The Down2Earth team see Patricia Madden and the College itself as superbly ‘forward thinking.’ and we hope to develop the relationship and work together on future projects that aim to educate and inform on the huge environmental benefits of using compostable products.

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