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THE HOUSE CAFE, Cork Opera House, Cork

our-customers-img-4The House Cafe operates from a small kiosk-sized corner of Cork’s historic Opera House building, one of southern Ireland’s premiere venues for world-class entertainment. The cafe’s main appeal, other than the mouth-watering food, is the friendly and fun atmosphere created by the staff, who are naturally warm and welcoming without it seeming forced. This, along with the fantastic range of locally sourced foods and coffee on offer, has managed to transform what was once a sterile foyer into a hub of chat, laughter, food & refreshments.

Since the cafe opened its doors, it has used Down2Earth’s compostable hot drink cups and lids, cold cups, cutlery, plates, food packaging, and refuse sacks.

Speaking about this, Stephen McGlynn, one of the cafe’s managers says:

“I like the idea of being answerable, and we try to undertake responsibility by using products which have less of an impact. At some point in the future I feel this may be very much the norm. I would like to accept this responsibility now.”

The House Cafe’s excellent food and service is, thankfully, not going unnoticed, with the cafe being mentioned in John & Sally McKenna’s Good Food Guide 2012/13.

Their partnership with local food producers means they can provide a splendidly fresh assortment of casual bites and full meals, and it has proven that a great cafe atmosphere is not created by place, but by people.

At Down2Earth we are very proud to be working with the House Cafe in supplying them with a range of compostable materials, and we know that this business is bound for great things.

House Cafe Location: Cork Opera House, Cork

House Cafe Opening Hours: 10am – 5pm.  Monday – Saturday

FB Page:é-at-Cork-Opera-House/154846831262625?fref=ts

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