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Currently across the Atlantic in Seattle, all food service businesses in the city must provide compostable or recyclable catering disposable products and take-out packaging.

That means all food service businesses in Seattle using compostable or recyclable service products for food consumed on the premises will need to provide bins for proper collection of these materials. A Seattle Municipal Code requires restaurants and other food service businesses selling or providing food for consumption on or off premises in one-time use service ware or packaging to use compostable or recyclable packaging.


All food service businesses including restaurants, cafés, shops, farmers & country markets, delis, bakeries, bars, food
courts, mobile vending vehicles, events, and all other categories of food service businesses.


All food service businesses are prohibited from using plastic foam service products or packaging
and, in order to reduce the amount of refuse sent to the landfill, may use other plastic or plastic-coated
paper products only if they are collected for recycling. Businesses may use approved compostable food service
products which are the Seattle’s preferred alternative to throw-away plastic items.


Currently running there for the last two years, with great success. The City’s participation of the recent ordinance will help prevent 6,000 tons of food service-ware and leftover food from entering landfills.


The use of disposable food packaging is a wasteful practice which results in negative environmental
impacts including litter and increased landfill-bound waste. By switching to recyclable or compostable
packaging, businesses can reduce their refuse service, divert from landfill and save money. Using compostable products allows for an easy, one-step disposal of food waste and service ware into a Compostables Only collection bin.

What we say

This is a proven route in a large American city, showcasing that by using compoastable food service packaging, we can reduce landfill, divert tonnage away to cheaper composting, saving businesses money and providing all of us a greener, safer environment. Remember, composting waste is making a RESOURCE. This makes perfect sense. Do the right thing and make that move to compostable packaging for your business.


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